We are here to fire up the private market.

We are the engine for a fair and transparent private market.

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We’re a private company - we understand you. That’s why our purpose is to help solve private market problems.

In 2014 three smart minds came together to solve illiquidity specific issues in the private market sector. Since then we’ve morphed into a full service SaaS business powered by a team with combined strengths in capital markets and software development. Our broader vision is to solve issues limiting private markets from their true potential and to eliminate the frustrations and risks that face its investors.

We’re harnessing the power of technology to create flexible, future-forward private markets.

In today’s digital realm we find ourselves circling back to the coffee shops of 17th century London where the financial markets began. New opportunities are heralded in via technology that’s driving the ever-growing trend towards decentralised finance or DeFi. Our technology is premised on the DeFi concepts and as a provider of private capital market infrastructure.

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Our team brings knowledge and a deep understanding of private markets

Meet the team

Our experience in forging sustainable and effective digital-led change for companies in Aotearoa has led us to new markets.

Australia shows an appetite for a comprehensive digitisation of unit management and CRM services, and notably solutions that allow the retention of control. Our newest Australian partners are trailblazers in this area and we anticipate a range of co-operatives, growing businesses and fund managers following their lead and joining the Syndex family.

Syndex is breaking down the barriers of private market investing, helping growing businesses and co-ops professionalise, digitise and automate their operations.

Our SaaS platform is transforming back-office operations in investment management releasing hours of admin and eliminating errors.

Our marketplace has enabled businesses to grow, which in turn supports communities, social initiatives and our wider economy.

Our investor portal gives our investor clients the ability to self-manage their portfolio and strengthens Issuer relations.

Our secondary market functionality is breaking barriers that the private markets have historically battled with, specifically lack of liquidity and lack of fair and transparent valuations.

Some Syndex solutions are currently only available in New Zealand. See the NZ website to see what is coming to Australia soon.

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We’re striving to empower private market businesses and co-ops via professionalisation and the ability to manage their own capital stack.

At the heart of our designs and development is the desire to put the power into our partner’s hands, so they can run their own distribution or rebate reports, form great relationships with their members, clients and investors and to control their own capital and liquidity.