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A perfect fit for co-ops

Optimised dividend and rebate technology

Capital raising solutions for cooperative capital units

A closed secondary market to offer members liquidity (coming soon)

Unified member registry and communications system with in-built CRM functionality

Top-of-the-line data storage and security

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With Syndex it’s easy to recover costs $ for $ through efficiencies, but for us, it’s more about the professionalism we can now offer to our members.

Anthony Nehme, Company Secretary, Yenda

Optimised rebate technology

Syndex uses a unique algorithm to offer a flexible, cost-effective and professional
rebate processing system.

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Mini-case study

Paul at NSW Traders Coop managed their registry, including rebate and dividend processing for many years. He used an in-house proprietary application to crunch the numbers and paper mail to communicate over 3,000 letters (per rebate).

A switch to using Syndex’s registry, including rebate technology, has resulted in:

A digital overhaul that significantly reduces paper usage

A modern professional look and feel for communications

Minimised maintenance of data

Data security peace of mind

$7,000 saving on the annual rebate and distribution processing alone (paper, envelopes, postage and employee hours)

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Capital Raising

Creating opportunities for growth

We know that there are many co-operatives out there with the skill and capability to grow our economy, but accessing capital is hard and can halt growth.  We can support you in your raise in a variety of ways, including exposure to private investors and registry efficiencies. Feature in our public marketplace, via our specialist partner, to issue co-operative capital units, or, with functionality that’s on its way, trade within your own community off-market.

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Access more investors by working with our specialist partner.

Bespoke options for you, for growth.

Join us in facilitating
fair, efficient and

Member Share Management & Member Relations

Old legacy manual systems are replaced with automated operations that bring efficiencies and ease of scalability. The management toolbox has solutions for compliance, governance, corporate actions, member engagement and share administration.

Member Share Management - grow with good governance, compliance and error-free share administration

Automate the creation of bank files for dividend & rebate payments

Link accounts

Reduction of overheads on time consuming and repetitive tasks

Ensure compliance across a range of business requirements including: tax, registry administration and member engagement

A powerful Salesforce back-end means security and scaleablity

Member Relations - communication tools for professional and efficient interactions

Latest-tech member portal provides investors with a better understanding of their assets

Branded environment gives you independence and control

Direct communication with members; bulk emailing, mail-merge reports and letters

Main Features

Member relations and communication system

Share management

Member portal

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Case Study

Key-man risk drives Yenda to seek a secure digital registry

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Case Study

DFMC hits gold with a registry fit for co-ops

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Case Study

Efficient member management aligns with the co-op principles

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When is the right stage to partner with Syndex?

How can I raise capital?

How does Syndex help issuers?

What's the onboarding process?

What does this service cost?

Am I crazy sticking to our current Excel-based unit registry, communications and CRM system?

How does Syndex differ from other service providers?

What security measures are taken to protect the Syndex platform?

Can we get a free demo of your system, without the pushy, hard sell sales follow-up that goes hand in hand with a lot of software providers?

Does Syndex cater to small businesses as well as medium and large organisations?

Where does Syndex operate?

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