The Syndex Eco-system

We offer a comprehensive, unmatched investment management solution that supports you in professionalising your business as you scale. We do this by aggregating capital raising, registry share management and investor communications under one unified system.

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Capital Raising

A faster way to find your next investor

We can support you in your raise in a variety of ways, including exposure to private investors and registry efficiencies. Feature in our public marketplace, via our specialist partner or, with functionality that’s on its way, trade within your own community off-market.

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Access more investors by working with our specialist partner.

Bespoke options for you, for growth.

Join us in facilitating  fair, efficient and

Unit Registry Management & Investor Relations

Old legacy manual systems are replaced with automated operations that bring efficiencies and ease of scalability. The management toolbox has solutions for compliance, governance, corporate actions, investor engagement and registry administration.

Unit Registry Management - grow with good governance, compliance and error-free registry administration

Automate distribution processes including the creation of bank files for payments.

Link accounts

Reduction of overheads on time consuming and repetitive tasks

Ensure compliance across a range of business requirements including: KYC, disclosure reporting, and tax requirements

A powerful Salesforce back-end means security and scaleablity

Investor Relations - communication tools for professional and efficient interactions

Latest-tech investor portal provides investors with a better understanding of their assets

Investor portal and communications with your branding giving you independence and control

Direct communication of standardised personal reports and letters for investors, bulk emailed and uploaded to the investor portal for their convenience, while you stay in control

A montage of images that showcase the diversity in real assets: commercial property, technology, agriculture and horticulture.Harvested red apples on the back of a tractor.

Main Features

Investor relations and communication system

Share registry management

Investor portal

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Accelerate growth with our liquidity solutions

Illiquidity is no longer a barrier for the private markets, through the liquidity options soon to be available for our Australian fund managers.  

We know that a significant objection to investing in alternative and private markets has been the “what if” question. Your investors love your offering, have a time frame that matches the long term nature of the investment, but they know that life happens. So what if they unexpectedly need to exit the investment?  

By partnering with Syndex, you can provide reassurance that liquidity options are available.  

With Syndex you will be able to run a Continuous Market that is continuously available, with no specific timeframe on when your investors can list their investments.  

Or if you prefer a frequency and schedule set by you, and a set timeframe to drive participation, running a Periodic Market can meet those needs.

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Case Study

Hobson Wealth unlocks employee liquidity

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Case Study

Automated reporting brings Silverfin efficiencies

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Case Study

MyFarm scales up for a record year

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How does Syndex differ from other service providers?

What security measures are taken to protect the Syndex platform?

Can we get a free demo of your system, without the pushy, hard sell sales follow-up that goes hand in hand with a lot of software providers?

Does Syndex cater to small businesses as well as medium and large organisations?

Where does Syndex operate?

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