February 20, 2023

The Hero's Journey 

Founders and C-suite executives finally have a solution to get them through every step of their journey and help solve for all of the problems along the way. 

You are a hero when you start a business, helm a business and or help steer it through the early stages and beyond. As a software start-up out of New Zealand only eight years ago, Syndex's team know only too well the trajectory of founders, CEOs and their early believers. We have been there too, through the blood, sweat, tears, highs, lows, innovation, hustle and too-many-to-name wins and rewards, mistakes, learnings and private victories known only to those who were there. But just think, how much easier would it be if you had a technology partner to see you through all of those stages? 

When will we be there, making your life easier?

The first big step, capital raise #1

That first, tricky capital raise to get you started, when what you are selling is you and your idea, and you need to draw on more than just friends and family. Syndex has solutions in both Australia and NZ. In the former, we can help with a boutique capital raise using our joint venture partners and private networks, possibly drawing on equity capital and or debt solutions. In NZ we offer a capital raising platform with over 3000 wholesale certified investors who have repeatedly invested in alternative, interesting and hard to find offerings.    

Finding and retaining some talented early believers to help you grow 

When it's time to set-up and administer your ESOPs program to attract, retain and reward the early-to-the-table talent.

When the back office is dragging you away from what you do best

When the back office is dragging you away from growing, ideating and innovating, it's clearly time to digitise and professionalise your operations via an investor relations, reporting and communications platform.

When you have the joy of paying the early-in

That heroic moment when you have the joy of calculating and paying out your first dividend or rebate to the early believers and the loyal followers.

Hurray - it's time to go to market again for growth capital

You have reached a maturity point where you are growing beyond even your own expectations and you need to go to the market a second, third or fourth time. Growth capital, and even debt, can be found from our boutique solution when going back to existing investors or raising via a big broker house just doesn't feel right.

Now you're looking for some flexibility for the early believers

To that mid-point in your company or co-op's life cycle, when flexibility is key and it could be time to offer a liquidity event to attract new or retain existing investors via the secondary markets.

Your ESOPs are worth something - it's time to offer both flexibility and take the administration pain away from your CFO

To another key milestone when your employees want to start trading their options, or in the event of a buyout and the acquiring party needs to attribute value to, acquire and or pay out your ESOPs program.

To the final hurdle

It is an enormous, life changing event which can feel like the end of a slug fest or a new beginning - it's time for you to IPO or your are being acquired. Either way, you and your creation have made it. Syndex can make that final process a seamless, one-stop-shop where all of your company's historic past performance, investor information, corporate actions and more is digitally available and readily to hand.   

Case Study

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